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Time ticks away. One second per second, moving forward and not stopping. It's a drawback to not actually having a time machine. And as time moves forward, the future becomes the present, and then the past. But when something is coming on the temporal horizon, you have to get yourself ready to seize the moment. And the time for seizing is now. Or will be now. Or will have has to be...

What The Fur?
Time Travellin' Furries
May 22-24 2015
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

In Tomorrow's News Today:
Pre-registration Deadline
Hotel Deadline
Programming Update
Conbook Submissions
Charity Auction
Dealers Update



Le temps s’écoule... Seconde par seconde, allant de l’avant sans pouvoir être arrêté. Il est problématique de ne pas avoir de machine à voyager dans le temps. Avec le temps qui s’écoule, le futur devient le présent, puis le passé. Mais quand un événement apparaît sur l’horizon temporel, il faut être prêt à l’accueillir. Et il est maintenant temps. Ou il sera maintenant temps. Ou il était temps plus tard…

What The Fur?
Time Travellin' Furries
22 au 24 mai 2015
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Les nouvelles de demain, aujourd’hui:
Fin de la période de préinscription
Période de réservation pour l’hôtel
Nouvelles de la programmation
Soumissions pour le Livre de Convention
Encan de Charité
Nouvelles des Vendeurs



Oct. 11th, 2012 03:28 am
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Hello. I am someone who is new to the process of fursuiting, but I've been compiling a list of tutorials and intend to start my hobby as soon as funds permit.

I was wondering: How many people here would be interested in joining a group that is all about fursuiting, and not the other aspects of furry fandom?

I know there's groups for it in lots of other places, I just wondered if anyone would like a dreamwidth group where they can discuss that creative process with other fursuiters.

Also, what about a group for anthro concept art? Anyone interested?
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Madness, isn't it? Read up on registration, dealers and artists, gaming, and a call for presenters and volunteers!

Just click here to read the whole thing!

What The Fur
June 1-3 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Hi. I'm not new to DW width, but this is my first real foray into the fur community, so I started a different account. There's not a lot in it yet, admittedly. Maybe posting here will help me meet some people and revitalize this group at the same time.

I'm a fennec. This comes through mainly in my spiritual work, but also in my art--which is amateurish at best! Besides that, I'm a writer and parent, happily geeky, and alternative in nearly every aspect of my life. You can find out more about me here or through the interests listed on my profile page.

What would you guys think about a friending meme or an art and comm rec for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw?
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[personal profile] rydra_wong says that we should be posting in quiet, inactive comms to help speed up the traffic a bit. It's kind of a meme, apparently.

So, uh ... I'm trying to create a page that new fur can go to and it'll help them decide what their fursona will be, and the major attraction right now is a Muted Faith-style story/quiz:
Click here to take quiz!
I'm not sure how much help it'll be for you furs, since you probably all know what your fursonas are, but you might find the story funny. And maybe you could let me know what seems broken or needs to be fixed, too.

Many thanks in advance, and I hope that this isn't too spammy. >.>b Most of the furry things that I do are in relation to that site, and I'd like to talk about some of them here (especially if it will spark discussion) but I don't want to spam the comm.
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My mate [personal profile] rev_yurodivy and I were just talking about this ... is there any way of showing that you're a furry IRL? Because ears and tails and conbadges are nice, but they only apply to cons.

She thinks the phipaw's a great concept that needs more exposure, and would like to wear it as jewelry or something. I think having a fursona is more of a universal furry symbol (maybe because of the emphasis that I give it on our website), but I'm not sure how one would express that IRL. What do you furs think?
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No one had posted yet when I joined.

I'd be delighted to see a major furry influx here. I'm hoping that some of the drama and threatened censorship could be left behind. I also really hope that we won't see Russian serial adders and spambots here.

I can understand a general reluctance toward being the first to move, especially for those of us who have years' worth of entries and voluminous comments on the other site, but there's a lot of bad history over there too.

Anyway, hi everyone.
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